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Gym brand growth and branding

Branding, E-commerce, Web development
Gym brand growth and branding


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The brand

GymPeach is a growing, sassy gym brand targeting the everyday woman. Providing strong and powerful designs, GymPeach is growing fast and needed all round business support in design, marketing, socials and E-commerce.

Our role

Jumping on board early 2021, we work closely with GymPeach helping in everyday operations and direction. Offering 24/7 support, we assist with social media content, marketing and E-commerce via Shopify. Helping run socials and controlling organic marketing, GymPeach have grown their following and revenue, whilst really nailing down on their brand image and direction for the future. With many launch campaigns already in the bag, we have a busy 2021 schedule with multiple new ranges on the way.

Through integrating our preferred email platform with Shopify, we were able to build stronger brand loyalty, engagement and reduce abandoned carts through advanced email automations - keep continuity with the brand image and tone of voice.

With Elliot onboard, running GymPeach has become so much easier. The daily direction from Elliot's experience has pushed the brand to a new level of quality. The introduction of email marketing was a huge win for growth too!

To really bounce GymPeach to the next level, we decided to update and rebrand their website. A slow running and outdated theme meant it was time to really put the effort into the brands look and feel. now runs 3x as fast, with some of the newest and most advanced features available for a clothing store. The website now really showcases the amazing quality of their clothing and also let's their sassiness shine through. Currently, GymPeach is expected to grow 200%+ compared to last year.


We are working with GymPeach to expand their reach, grow revnue and build a strong brand image.

  • Offer creative and business direction with 24/7 support
  • Leading social media and marketing
  • Complete website re-design & development
  • Targeting 200+% revenue growth in 2021